About Us

A group of MA International Journalism students at City University covering the 2018 Italian General Election. Live from London on Sunday 4 March from 10pm.


Francesca Casonato


Journalism student at City University, always looking for the most trending topic of the week.

Interested in London news, politics and cinema.

I love having too much stuff to do.



Eleonora Chiarella            


Aspiring TV anchorwoman. Passion for interviews.

Interest in politics, Middle East and the relationship between social media and society.

Always looking for a new story.   



Valentina Cipriani


Literature graduate, journalist to be. Passionate about politics, investigative journalism, photography.

My problem is that I find everything too interesting.




Beatrice Guzzardi


Journalist, Venetian citizen, BA in Investigation and Security Sciences

Editor and co-founder of InterNational Security Interest

Interested in Crime and Security issues with a focus on Terrorism and Human Rights



Barbara Maimone

28511879_1900104616727626_1235857756_nA quadrilingual woman, Law graduate, trainee journalist.

Love watching the world sitting on a bus.

I am too much into sarcasm and food.



Alessia Manzoni


European, Londoner, Milanese.

Obsessed with politics and political communication, I’m a journalist in the making.

Fact-checking is my drug.



Skye Redman


The one Brit on the team.

Linguist, journalist, trying to remain an optimist.

Into politics and equality.